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Artwork Specifications

HOW SHOULD I SUPPLY MY ARTWORK? All artwork should be supplied as vectorised EPS files, created in Adobe Illustrator. All text should be outlined and pantone colours should be stated if applicable. If using picture images these should be supplied with a minimum resolution of 300dpi.

WHAT IS A PANTONE COLOUR? The Pantone Matching System (PMS) is a standardised colour matching system used by all printers. By using this system printers in different locations can all refer and match to the same colour reference. If you logo / design is a 1-4 spot colour print, please supply the PMS references that you would like us to match to.

CAN I SUPPLY A CMYK REFERENCE IF PRINTING FULL COLOUR? Yes, if you have a CMYK reference for the colours you would like to print, then please supply the colour percentage breakdowns. Artwork should still be supplied as above.

CAN I SUPPLY MY LOGO AS A JPEG? For printing using spot colours we are unable to use JPEG's, however on certain products we can use a high resolution (300dpi) JPEG images.

DOES MY ARTWORK NEED TO BE SUPPLIED AT THE CORRECT SIZE? No, if your artwork is supplied as an EPS file we can adjust the file to the correct size for you, so it fits correctly on the product.

WHAT HAPPENS IF I AM UNABLE TO OBTAIN ARTWORK IN THE CORRECT FORMAT? The design studio are able to offer a redraw service, there would be an additional cost for this service which is subject to sight of artwork.